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Top 5 Real Estate

  1. 2 bedroom for $10,000
    1809 w 9th anderson, IN
  2. 3 bedroom for $25,000
    1005 N central muncie, IN
  3. 6 bedroom for $45,000
    625 W 24th St, Anderson, anderson, IN
  4. 2 bedroom for $24,500
    707 w willard st muncie, IN
  5. 3 bedroom for $19,900
    604 brittain muncie, IN

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this should net out 19-20k on a fix and flip

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Investing in Real Estate is not for everyone, If you are thinking of investing make sure you have the additional funds to invest. As things don't always go as planned and if you didn't really have that amount to invest it cripples your future ability. Not counting the stress of having unexpected expenses come up that are never at the right time. So make sure if you invest you can go with out returns in the short haul with out loosing your mind, and not having stress over it. Every investment is a risk and reward senerio.

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Still, the Mellon lessons had seeped in. (“You never touch the principal. And you try to spend 1% of your income that comes in. There are always surprises. Always emergencies. Always charities. Trust me, you end up spending 20% of your income.”) And as he got sober, he began investing: in an online art action house, Paddle8, alongside Alex von Furstenberg and Damien Hirst, and a YouTube channel called StyleHaul, which produces short movies on how to dress well.

owner occupied call if you want it 3 bed 17k

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